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Pandemic Flu

Local H1N1 information may be found here: http://www.skamaniah1n1.blogspot.com/

The potential of a pandemic of influenza is reason for serious planning efforts.

Skamania County is in the process of PanFlu Planning, headed by Public Health (PH) and the Department of Emergency Management (DEM). Representatives from many departments and organizations are meeting to open a planning dialog beyond PH and DEM.

Next steps are for workgroups (as defined here).

Medical Care

  • Taskforce Rep. Rich Konrad
  • Robin Aman
  • Will Harryman (Keith Brown)
  • Brenda Dalke
  • Stevenson Clinic rep.
  • Wind River Pharmacy
  • Public Educators
    • Bill Hundley
    • Kathy Browning
    • John Medlin
    • Carol Waring
    • Charlene Rohrbacher
    • Sandi Christensen

SCEMS Ops Plan

Prehospital Guide

EMS Issues


Joint Information System
  • Taskforce Rep. Dave Cox
  • Health Dept. PIO
  • Skamania County PIO
  • Stevenson Clinic PIO
Human Resources
  • Taskforce Rep. John Carlson
  • Bob Wittenburg
  • MaryAnn Duncan-Cole
  • Sandy Maddux
  • Cal Owens
  • Larrry Douglass (Brad Uhlig)

HR Planning Points

Brad Uhlig ??'s
Good stuff - Exactly the kind of discussion needed.

Each Workgroup has a Workplan to guide their efforts. A Taskforce Representative will assist in the process. Workgroup members are encouraged to contact their TaskForce Rep. for guidance.

Note that the Public Educators Workgroup is a part of the Medical Care Workgroup. This structure reflects the process of the Panflu Message being developed by the Medical Care folks, and then delivered by the Public Educators.

Any suggested additions to Workgroups are welcome.

Washington State Activities

The state of Washington, HHS, and other federal agencies held a pandemic planning summit on April 14, 2006, with public health and emergency management and response leaders within the state.

State Contacts

Contact Information for the Departments of Agriculture, Wildlife and Public Health
Find information on how to contact these departments in Washington, by mail and by phone. When available, fax numbers and Web addresses are also provided

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Skamania County Emergency Management

PO Box 790 - 200 Vancouver Ave. - Stevenson, WA 98648
509/427-8076 - Fax: 509/427-7555

Sheriff Dave Brown, DEM Director | John Carlson, DEM Coordinator

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